Blaxland Poll Merino hogget ewe fleece

Blaxland Poll Merinos shorn merino sheep

Mark Blaxland with 2012 sale ram

Blaxland Poll Merinos ewe with lambs

Blaxland Poll Merinos Breeding Objectives


Wool and Meat Production Traits

Using extensive performance data we focus on commercial profitability, in commercial conditions, emphasising practical traits that give a dollar return.

This gives you, the client, a sound, scientific, and simple solution to maximising your merino sheep production enterprise.

Wool Production

Improve wool cut and quality

Our aim is to produce an 18 micron fleece of 6 to 7kg greasy or 4.5kg clean. We are developing highly lustrous white wool that exhibits bold, deep, and uniform crimp with beautiful fibre bundles. A high tensile strength fibre with 100 percent comfort factor is the wool of the future.

Meat production

Improve body size and weight

Our aim is to produce a finished merino lamb weighing 55 kg by 10 months of age. Selection for quick growth and high mature body weight is the key to this.


Improve weaning percentage

Our aim is to have 110% lamb marking percentage in the flock ewes including maidens. Of all the economically important traits, fertility in the Australian merino ewe is where the most improvement can be made.


Improve skin traits to eliminate muelsing

Our aim is to produce sheep with plain bodies that have highly productive supple thin skins. Sheep that are low maintenance and easy to shear are the sheep of the future. We have 'ceased muelsing' status.


Improve worm resistance and tolerance

Our aim is to produce sheep that require minimal drenching and can withstand a high worm burden and still remain highly productive.