Blaxland Poll Merino sale rams

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Blaxland Poll Merino sale rams

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Blaxland Poll Merinos

Poll Flock No.P1296

Mark and Bettina Blaxland started Blaxland Poll Merinos for the purpose of supplying the Australian market with high quality, large framed poll merinos with low micron wool.

Blaxland Poll Merinos was founded in 2000 based on Quamby Park Poll genetics. Rams from Toland Poll, Longford Poll, Petali Poll,  Alfoxton Poll, and Hill Top Poll have been used since this date.

BPM's goal is to maximize wool & meat production traits

Blaxland Poll Merinos aims to breed poll merino rams that will produce sheep carrying a 6 to 7 kg, 18 micron bold crimping fleece. The ewes being able to produce a finished merino lamb, weighing 55 kg at 10 to 11 months of age, at 95 to 110% lamb marking percentage.


We have ceased muelsing status. All rams at this years sale are unmuelsed.

Health Status

Accredited Brucellosis free.
Owner declared footrot free.

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